Monday, February 4, 2013

Komugi Cafe, Pavilion

I've been to En Ginza previously and I gotta know that it is now replaced by Komugi Cafe. Much of the interior has been retained and food wise there is still the coffee bar and counters displaying pastries and cakes and of course the familiar breads on sale at the store.

It was lunch hour but me and my colleague is not into heavy meals, thus we dropped by for coffee and light snacks. Salivating at the cakes and yummy swiss rolls, it took me a hard time to decide what morsel I wanted to chance upon that noon. Actually decision making is not that difficult as what caught my eye is a very attractive looking blackberry tart, left the only piece at the glass you can see I was besotted with the appeal of the tart that I took pictures of it from every angle!

Sharing the tart with my colleague as I was sort of in a diet phase, however I am giving excuses to myself as the tart was delicious looking. It was laden with fruits, namely kiwi, peaches, and blackberries and finished with edible gold lustre. With a tart base and sponge cake on top, it was luscious and light.

My colleague had the ham and cheese croissant and she mentioned that it is nice. Both of us ordered cafe lattes, one iced and one hot. Guess what, my colleagues got a hot latte with coffee art of angry bird:)

The ham and cheese croissant...good with a cup of java.

Komugi serves lunch sets too and we will be back to check them out:)

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